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The electronic connected dartboard ED900 has been developed by our engineers for our advanced players who are looking for an easy connected dartboard in competition size with several playing and practicing programs.

This dartboard is connected by Bluetooth to a smartphone iOS* or Android* to the mobile APP “Canaveral 900”, available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

(*Require iOS 10 or more recent version)
(**Require Android 5 or more recent version)

The electronic connected dartboard ED900 connects to your phone using the CANAVERAL 900 application.
To discover and download CANAVERAL 900, click here.


1.1 Packaging content

- 1 Canaveral ED900 Dartboard
- 1 Wall fixing plate
- 1 Foam wall absorber
- 6 Darts
- 12 Spare soft tips
- 4 Screws + Screw plugs

1.2 Installation, screwed to the wall with the fixing plate

1. Position the fixing plate center hole at exactly 1m73cmhigh  from the ground
2. Screw the 4 screws at the 4 corners of the fixing plate. Make sure to have installed first the screw plugs into the wall  if necessary.
3. Position the foam absorber around the fixing plate
4. Install the dartboard by pushing against the foam absorber then locking it down into the fixing plate
5. Orient the dartboard in order to have number 20 on the middle top.


1.3 Installation, screwed directly to the wall

1. By using the provided instruction sheet, position the dartboard center at 1,73cm high from the ground
2. Then, still with the instruction sheet, mark the 4 holes location for the dartboard
3. Screw the 4 screws in the wall by letting them overhide by around 1cm max
4. Put the dartboard against the screws and lock it down against the wall


1.4 Batteries installations

1. Push the trap on the dartboard left side. The trap will open
2. Insert the 2 AA batteries (not included) by following orientations as shown on the drawing
3. Press again on the trap to close it

ED900 battery

1.5 Dartboard manipulations

2. Batteries
3. Bouton "cancel a throw"
4. Status led
5. Bouton "Next player"

1.6 Mobile app

The mobile APP is compatible with Android & iOS device only.

Versions : Minimum version compatible are Android 5.0 & iOS 10
Connectivity: A Bluetooth 4.0 connection is necessary to connect to the dartboard. An internet access is also necessary to enjoy “online” gamine functionalities.

Permissions: The App needs a certain number of permission to properly work:
1. Locations + Bluetooth: The App needs permissions of localisation to access Bluetooth features. The Bluetooth allow the localisation of objects or individual.
Important Note: Your GPS has to be activated to be able to access Bluetooth Feature because several smartphone are using the same electronic component for both GPS and Bluetooth.

2. Storage: The App needs storage to store some files relative to the normal work.
3. Take Pictures/Videos: The Canaveral 900 App includes some personnalisation features for each player, by taking picture of player. This App also allow to see opponent while online games through smartphone camera.

1.7 First start

Your dartboard and your mobile APP are now installed and ready

1. Switch ON the dartboard by pressing ON/OFF button on the left side
2. The blue light on the red bouton while start to blink. If it is not the case, please verify that your battery are not empty (see section 1.4)
3. Start your mobile APP on your device and accept the different permissions (see section 1.5)
4. You have now 2 options
    - Connect with you Decathlon account:
This will allow you to enjoy a full experience of the ED900 Dartboard. The Online mode is available and your gaming statistics too.
If you already have a Decathlon account, you simply have to fill your email and your password
If you do not have a Decathlon account, you can follow the instructions displayed to the screen to create one and register
    - Connect as a guest:
This connection mode will allow you to enjoy standard games alone or with your friends off-line. The on-line gaming mode will not be available.
5. You arrive at the welcome screen of the App


Precautions of use

2.1 Storage

It is recommended to store your dartboard in an area protected from humidity, dust and sun. The dartboard is not designed to be stored outside.
In case of prolonged non use of the dartboard, it is recommended to withdraw the batteries.

2.2 Use

The dartboard is designed to be used with soft tip darts only.


Here you will find the troubleshooting sheet for the CANAVERAL ED 900.
By following the steps in this sheet, you can check if there is a possible problem with your product. If necessary, you will find in the "I REPAIR" section the tutorials indicated for the repair. You can also come to the workshops of your DECATHLON store.

Link to download the watch troubleshooting sheet (coming soon).

Canaveral ED 900

Used resale

Using the troubleshooting sheet in the "Troubleshooting" section, you can pre-check your product.
Once your product has been checked by our teams, you have the possibility of offering it for second-hand resale and thus participate in the recirculation of your old products.

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Canaveral ED 900

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